Past Conferences

The annual conference is the Society´s most important academic event. Taking place over three days, it regularly brings together major figures across the various traditions of European philosophy. The conference has been held across the United Kingdom, as well as Ireland, Italy and the Netherlands. Below you will find details of past conferences, as well as keynote speakers.

2022 Annual Conference
Newcastle University
“European Philosophy/World Philosophies”
Meena Dhanda, Lewis Gordon, Michaela Ott

2021 SEPtember Events
Online Events
“Apocalypse and Philosophy”, “Violence and History”, “Philosophy and Nihilism”, “Philosophy as Collective Practice”, “The Future of Philosophy”.

2020 Annual Conference
Staffordshire University (Online)
Joanna Hodge, Vera Bühlmann

2019 Annual Conference
Royal Holloway, University of London
Alison Stone, Adrian Johnston

2018 Annual Conference
University of Essex
Bonnie Honig, Christoph Menke, Peter Dews

2017 Annual Conference
University of Winchester
Patrice Maniglier, Babette Babich, Havi Carel

2016 Annual Conference
Regents’ University London
John Protevi, Stella Sandford, Elie During

2015 Annual Conference
University of Dundee
Rosi Braidotti, Veronique Mottier, Lars Iyer

2014 Annual Conference
Utrecht University
Michel Serres, Rahel Jaeggi, Mark B. N. Hansen, Françoise Balibar

2013 Annual Conference
Kingston University
Sara Ahmed, Robert Bernasconi, Tuija Pulkkinen

2012 Annual Conference
Manchester Metropolitan University
Catherine Malabou, Alphonso Lingis, Shaun Gallagher

2011 Annual Conference
York St John University
Michèle Le Doeuff, Graham Harman, Joan Copjec

2010 Annual Conference
Loyola University Chicago, John Felice Rome Center, Italy
Deborah Cook, Andrew Feenberg, Alessandro Ferrara, David Ingram, Stefano Petrucciani, David Schweickart & Francesco Saverio Trincia

2009 Annual Conference
Cardiff College of Art and Design
Chris Norris, Claire Colebrook, Rosi Braidotti, Leonard Lawlor

2008 Annual Conference
Francoise Dastur, Alessandro Ferrara, Michel Rosen, David Smith

2007 Annual Conference
Rüdiger Bittner, Alexander Garcia Duttman, Cristina Lafort, Frederick Neuhouser

2006 Annual Conference
University of Dundee
Luce Irigaray, Manuel de Landa & Jacques Rancière

2005 Annual Conference,
Reading, Conference Theme: “What is Terror?”
Elleke Boehmer, Peter Caws, Paul Davies, Michael Dillon, Joseph Margolis & Herman Rappaport

2004 Annual Conference
Greenwich, Conference Theme: “Resistance”
Michael Hardt, Daniel W. Smith & James Williams

2003 Annual Conference
Essex, Conference Theme: “Aesthetics & Politics”
Karl Ameriks, Alain Badiou, Lydia Goehr & Peter Osborne

2002 Annual Conference
University College Cork

2001 Annual Conference
Manchester Metropolitan University
Dorothea Olkowski

2000 Annual Conference
Etienne Balibar, Stephen Houlgate, Catherine Malabou, Schneider

1999 Annual Conference
Anglia Polytechnic
Christoph Menke, Chris Norris.

1998 Annual Conference
Christine Battersby, Eckhart Förster

1997 Inaugural Conference
(A report by Peter Dews can be found at